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Neurofeedback para tdahNeurofeedback is a brain training system. .

A disorganization of the brain waves can bring on physical problems, as well as cognitive and emotional ones. Neurofeedback intervenes by improving and regulating the brain waves which brings about a natural and healthy regression.

NeuroOptimal feedback is directed to:

People(children, adolescents, adults) that suffer sleep problems such as insomnia, nightmares, stress, anxiety, low self esteem, lack of concentration, hyperactivity, memory loss, phobias…

TDAH (concentration deficit with or without hyperactivity)
Behavioral problems
Trastornos psicomotores
post traumatic syndromes
Epilepsy – convulsions
Chronic pain


Children, Adolescences, Adults,


What is Neurofeedback?

It is a system which was discovered at the beginning of the 1960s in the United States that allows the brain to self-regulate and reorganize itself through an informational and auditory support. It re-sends information about the brain's own state with a principal objective to improve the working of the brain trying to re-establish its main qualities like plasticity, resilience (capacity to adapt to new situations) and the capacity to learn. It deals with training the brain.


Neurofeedback – scientific technique.

Neurofeedback is a modern scientific technique that uses advanced research techniques in different fields (neuroscience, mathematics, computer science, medicine, and physics). The technique is mainly based on natural principles of dynamic homeostasis (permanent return to balance and health status) and neuroplasticity (ability of the brain to adapt to changes and increase their effectiveness), unanimously recognized today. Relies also on the observation in real time of the activity of brain waves, using a highly sophisticated computer system and a musical media.


NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback

It is a method that pertains to the ultra-recognized and innovative Neurofeedback, which is non-invasive and without secondary symptoms. This method was developed in collaboration with Dr. Val Brown, PhD and Dr. Sue Brown PhD of the Zengar Institute after many years of experience working in the latest discoveries of Neurofeedback, which above all has proven to be effective without any harm or danger whatsoever.


The Objective of NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback

The principal objective of this system is to, by all means, improve one's quality of life by using the brain's natural capacities of auto-reparation. In effect, this is able to be done thanks to the plasticity of the brain, the capacity that it has to auto-regularize itself by having the natural ability to adapt itself after the treatment.

During each Neurofeedback session, the brain not only learns to reorganize itself, but also gradually acquires a more adaptable and appropriate capacity of learning.

The brain is capable of learning independent of its state or age, and this learning helps bring an ability to organize with positive effects in different areas such as endocrine, cognitive, emotional, physical ones, as well as in the nervous system, hormonal, immunity, and endocrine since the brain controls all of these systems.

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How Neurofedback works and how a session develops.

A patient is put in a very comfortable chair while they listen to music with two electrodes placed on either sides of the head, and 3 or 4 on the back of the ears creating a relaxing and pain-free sense of being. Meanwhile, the brain's information system analyzes and re-sends the electric activity going on in the brain creating short pauses of of light and sound indicating that the brain activity is being analyzed. This simple mechanism helps our brain reorganize itself. These turbulences are not either instruction or stimulation. ABSOLUTELY NO ELECTRIC CURRENT IS SENT TO THE BRAIN. In fact, the brain absorbs the analyzed activity without any effort or actual concentration. Matters such as past personal traumas are not brought up; contrarily, the patient feels relaxed and at ease while the brain, thanks to its natural and sponge-like ability to learn, gradually adapts in a flexible and fitting way. The brain memorizes these corrections and their positive results are consolidated within the necessary number of sessions necessary.

NeurOptimal is not a medical treatment, rather, it is a type of training specific for the brain that allows the brain to reorganize itself, without any effort of concentration, on the unconscious level.

The brain is always capable of learning, independent of its state or age and it is because of this that the brain can learn and organize itself to bring positive changes and desired effects in a diverse number of areas.

Neurofeedback, nor its practitioners, intend to treat pathologies, so for this reason, neither a prior medical diagnosis nor specific analysis is necessary


Young woman sleepingThe results.

At any given age, one's brain and body can learn to achieve harmony, reach better attention and memorization, concentration, even more awareness, flexibility, creativity.

Better sleep is achieved, anxiety and stress gradually disappear and the consciousness reinforces itself. Decision making becomes clearer allowing a freer mind and more positive thinking which brings on a renewed sense of well-being. Additionally, migraine headaches tend to disappear.

In certain psychomotor disorders, a positive attitude, relaxation, and serenity, along with a general improvement in one's presence and attention span can be noticed. Moreover, the ability to enjoy oneself, increased happiness, even a better overall mood can be attained. The muscular tone can be improved and dribble can be diminished, as well as convulsions (seizures).

The positive effects can be long-lived, or even permanent, depending on the sufficient number of sessions. The number of sessions for the best results is personal, depending on each and everyone's general state and goals for desired changes.


What is the patients opinion of Neuroptimal?


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